Jajco holenderskie blues

2010-02-22 13:58


audio (Michał Tarkowski) - Salon Niezależnych




It was many many years ago    E A E

They was very fine                   E

It was early one morning          E A E

                                             E (zwykły riff bluesowy)

When the Jajco Holenderskie was born
It said: I have no mother
I have no faher, too
I have no sister
So what I’m. going to do
I’ll be rolling, rollling, rolling
Jajco Holenderskie, I’ll be rolling

So rolling, rollling, rolling
Jajco Holenderskie
Rolling left and right
Rolling on and rolling back
Rolling on the other side
Rolling on their back
Netherlanden egg

And after many, many years
People thought
Jajco is clever and goood
But after many, many years
Jajco became to zbuk
Really zbuk
Jajco became to zbuk!


Oooo jeeee(sus maria!)