Concept of global processes in Europe

2012-03-22 08:32

Wysłałem dziś krótkie resume do jednego z Wielkich Europejczyków, którego moje rozdyskutowane środowisko zaprasza do Polski (na razie jesteśmy w fazie korespondencji). Uznałem, że warto naruszyć "tajemnicę korespondencji".


Europe is phenomenon established on great moral challenge (mercy, charity, value of life) and big intellectual projects (Egypt, Phoenicia, Hellas, Imperium Romanum), than on social and political liberté, égalité, fraternité, than Democracy and Development).


All of it is “second hand” in other regions of World.


If Europe meet limit of efficiency of its model of developing (increasing), start looking for assets “abroad”: raw materials from mines, colonialism, north-east, America, techno-revolution, scientific research, even “human support” etc. Now, this time, all of those directions are exhausted and/or blocked for Europe (last was exploitation of former “socialist camp”), that’s why they are looking for new quality, new solutions.


It’s a pity, the “best solution” is only “internal exploitation”. It means: in close future “war” State against People. And also it means dramatic reconstruction of systems-regimes from Democracy-desire-wishes (DDW) into Mega-Neo-Totalitarism (MNT).


The best comfortable instrument (tool) of it is Monopoly. They said, that Monopoly is nothing new and nothing original. But if we can see, as european State stops its “war against” Monopoly and start his policy with manipulate of People and Country (using Monopoles) – our point of view have to change.


Inside this completely new situation (plan, map?) we have “new redaction” of Citizenship, Economy, the State, Self-government (local community, NGO’s, gildias of social environments, etc.), Urbanization, Metropolis-Province, and so on. Of course, now we have “scouting games” on periphery and outskirts, and main political stream is watching it carefully.


And all democratic movements, like feminism, new left and other, trade-unions, etc. – have no possibility to do more than manifest.


Which country, which people will be first?


Certainly, all North is going to bankruptcy, but America and/or Russia have completely other problems.